So long Dashboard, CODER & CEED Universe

We’ve taken the opportunity of an OS update to retire certain features on the pi-top [3]. One of the most notable things that have changed is that pi-topDASHBOARD has gone.

In doing this we’ve significantly improved memory and CPU performance, as well as booting speed when compared to pi-topOS Polaris


Settings that were originally accessible in pi-topDASHBOARD can now be found in the settings application in the new start menu. pi-topCODER can also be found in the start menu but please note that pi-topCODER is being phased out in favour of pi-top Further (more on that soon), and so is no longer being maintained. However, all of your projects are still stored and accessible as they were in pi-topOS Polaris.

Also, after several years we’ve decided to retire CEED Universe. We’ve done this so we can concentrate developer time on new projects and services rather than legacy apps. We do hope you enjoyed it. We're exploring an option to hand the source code to Universe over to the community.