pi-top OS Sirius Features

The latest pi-top OS, called Sirius, is faster, contains new services and has some amazing new features.

An easy-on-the-eye colour scheme, font, and icons that not only looks great but are fully accessible too. So learners with colour sensitivity or other visual issues should find it easier to use.

Improved the user experience with a new, handy notification system that tells you when updates are available when your pi-top’s battery level is low, a reboot is required.

Also included is Search Portal, simply type what you’re looking for and instantly find hundreds of the best projects, articles and research papers selected by pi-top’s global curation team.


The latest version of Scratch, Scratch 3, is now available without an internet connection for Raspberry Pi (complete with support for interfacing with devices that are connected to the Pi's GPIO pins), so naturally, we've added it as standard. 


pi-topOS Sirius comes with Mu, and we’ve also bundled some additional free programs for working with images and audio (check the OS download page for the full list). All this, we believe, makes pi-top OS Sirius the best software for designing, coding and making whatever you want.


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