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pi-top POLARIS

Our first pi-top Operating System!

pi-topPOLARIS is a Debian Based Operating System built on top of Raspbian. It's gone through multiple stages and was built on Jessie and Stretch. It's distinguishable from other Operating Systems as upon boot-up it loads the pi-topDASHBOARD. Apart from the pi-topDASHBOARD, it behaves exactly like any version of Raspbian.

It can be used on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ or version before that. It also works on the pi-top1, pi-topCEED and pi-top [3].

It has a few pieces of additional software installed compared to Raspbian: pi-topCODER and CEED Universe. There's also a whole host of processes in the background that allow the OS to talk to pi-top Computers and detect pi-top Add-ons when they're connected up.

Remember other Raspbian OS' won't be able to soft shutdown the pi-top hardware correctly

As of January 2020, Polaris is no longer available on pi-top.com and has come to the end of its operating life

. pi-top Sirius OS is the latest version and no longer includes CEED Universe.