pi-top PROTO+

Simple checks you can make on the pi-top PROTO+ pins and Inventors Kit LED's to find out what may cause dimming or flickering issues and how to fix them.


Careful not to connect Vcc and Ground together! You may short your pi-top and cause it to suddenly turn off

Troubleshooting your circuit

The LED lights up or flashes and then doesn’t work

  • The LED could have overloaded, creating a short circuit. Check if the power flows through a resistor; a burned-out LED is no longer usable
  • Check the wiring. You could have the jumper going to the wrong pin
  • The LED could be facing the wrong direction. LEDs are a type of diode. In diodes current is only allowed to flow in one direction

The longer leg of the LED is the anode and should be connected to the positive side of the power supply. The shorter leg is the cathode and should be connected to the negative side of the power supply.

The LED is dim

  • Check to see if you used the 330ohm resistor. If you used a 10k ohm resistor, you’re restricting too much power.