pi-top Sirius Explained

Here's a list of the changes we made between pi-top Sirius and pi-top Polaris

pi-top Sirius is a Debian based Operating System (OS) based off of Raspbian Buster OS with a few of our own things on top. Like Polaris before it, it's to be used with any of our hardware, all the way from The Original pi-top to pi-top [4]. Like always, the OS talks to our hardware, can fetch the battery state, and operating the pi-top add-ons, old and new. The whole OS runs far smoother on Raspberry Pis and is a lot less power hungry. Remember that it can be used on any Raspberry Pi.

pi-top Sirius is designed to operate off a 16GB SD Card. If you use an 8GB SD Card, it will boot-up just fine, but you'll run out of space to store your own files quite quickly!

You may need a password for some functions.

Username: pi

Password: pi-top

pi-top Libraries

pi-top Sirius has all the libraries needed for running the pi-topPROTO+ and the Inventor Kit libraries that we had on the previous OS. In addition, it has all the libraries for running the  Mini OLED Screen, Foundation Plate, and the Foundation Kit Components. You can still use pi-top Coder for running the Inventor Kit Lessons, but you'll find everything on Further.