What's the difference between Further & CODER

Further is our new learning network. Coder is now a legacy product, you can continue to use it, but we will not be developing it anymore.

  • Further is a web service and so will run on any computer. Students using Further can push code (where required) to connected pi-top devices.
  • Further integrates with Clever / Google Classroom, making it easier for teachers to get started.
  • Further also makes it easier for groups of students to collaborate on challenges, and for teachers to assess each student's progress.
  • Further allows you to include third-party interactive content, such a Scratch projects, within challenges.
  • Coder is an application that runs on pi-top [3] and [4] devices.  You cannot run coder on Mac, Windows or ChromeOS.
  • Coder is great for teaching beginner to intermediate computer science using the pi-top [3], however it is not appropriate for non coding related education.  Further will allow learning around a wide range of subjects and is not restricted to computer science.