Are pi-top's products secure?

All pi-top's products are created to be secure - and compliant with section 889 of NDAA

pi-top hardware is free from restricted technologies - pi-top's computer, electronics and robotics kits do not contain any “covered telecommunications equipment” or other infringements of the guidelines set out in section 889 of the 2019 John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), as required by US Department of Defense and Intelligence departments.

pi-top products are produced to a high standard - pi-top's extensive experience in manufacturing means we always work with trusted partners throughout our supply chain to ensure our products are produced securely, reliably and responsibly.

pi-top software and servers are secure - pi-top's software and cloud services follow stringent security standards (ISO 27000) in their design, development and operation. pi-top's servers are hosted on industry-leading cloud providers (GCP or AWS) and our products do not make any use of or ping servers in China.

pi-top is responsible with customer data - pi-top follows strict data protection and security policies and is compliant with privacy legislation such as the GDPR (EU), FERPA (USA) and CA-NDPA (California).