Battery Charge and Discharge Guide

Information on the pi-top [3] battery life and capacity

  • The pi-top [3] has a Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Built-in 38.85 Watt-hour (11.1V, 3500mAH)
  • The pi-top [3] battery will last up to 8-10 hours
  • The time to fully charge your pi-top [3] battery is 1.5hrs.


You can check your battery discharge and time remaining status by hovering your cursor over the green battery icon found on the taskbar. 

When your Power Supply Unit is connected, the battery icon will change to Orange. Hovering over this icon will show you charging status and time remaining for the pi-top to be fully charged. 

You can also access battery information by entering the command below in the terminal found on either the taskbar or via the main menu under Accessories.




Checks you can make to ensure your pi-top is charging:

  • Check your Power Supply Unit is working, the icon on the battery will change from green to orange.
  • Allow at least 30 minutes for your battery to charge.
  • Ensure your pi-top has been built correctly as detailed in the getting started guide.