Expansion Plate Explained!

Here's the Expansion Plate annotated diagram


  • Standard USB-C UFP port, supports both 12/15V@3A input

  • Provides MPWR_IN to pi-top [4] for 12/15V@3A

  • Power rails from pi-top [4] Modular connector - 5V_USB@1A(USB hub and USB ports), 5V@3A(Servo Motor x4), 3V3@1A(MCU/ICs/misc), VSYS@2.5A(DC motor x4)

  • Motor_VCC is converted by buck-boost convertor from VSYS, so the Motor_VCC rating is about 2A.


  • USB-C port for charging pi-top [4]

  • 2x USB2.0 ports

  • 1x RasPi CSI port, 1x RasPi DSI port

  • 40P RasPi socket connects to pi-top [4] directly

  • 4x 4P I2C sensor ports, 4x 4P analogue sensor ports, 8x 4P digital sensor ports

  • 4x 6P DC motors, close-loop control w/ speed reading

  • 4x 3P servo motors, open-loop control w/ PWM pin for the speed setting