Why do I see a Flashing red LED Light on my pi-top [3] Hub?

A flashing red LED light on the pi-top [3] Hub would indicate the Cooling Bridge does not have a secure connection with the Raspberry Pi pins and/or the pi-top Hub.

Ensure the pi-top [3] is completely powered off before you perform the following checks:

  • Check the pi-top [3] Power Supply Unit is fully inserted into the back of pi-top [3] unit.
  • Fully insert the Hub audio jack and USB into the Raspberry Pi.
  • Check the Cooling Bridge has the correct Thermal Pad affixed to the Heat sink
  • Ensure the Cooling Bridge has a secure connection and aligned correctly onto the Raspberry Pi pins and Hub.
  • Insert the microSD card the correct way up into the Raspberry Pi.
  • Finally, check the Cooling Bridge screw has not been over tightened.