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Connecting your Full HD Touchscreen

Wondering how to connect your Touchscreen to your pi-top or to other devices? Here's how

Connecting with the pi-top [4]

To connect the pi-top [4] to the Display all you'll need is the Display Cable.

The Display Cable has a dimple to show which way it should be connected to the pi-top [4] and to the screen. Follow these markings

The Display Cable cannot be replaced with USB-C

Connecting with the Display Adapter

The Screen Display Adapter is so that 3rd party devices can connect to the pi-top Display. There are several ports on this:

Name Function
USB-C Power In only
HDMI Video In only
USB Power Out - Useful for powering a Raspberry Pi or other Single Board Computer
Micro USB

Data In - Used to control the Touchscreen and Keyboard (when docked)

The Screen Display Adapter has to be used when connecting to any other device