How do I contact pi-top support?

Help us to help you more quickly with these easy steps

The first step for contacting pi-top support is to complete the form here:

To help us help you, please try to follow these guidelines:

  • Provide details
      • A description of the problem
      • What you are trying to achieve
      • What you have tried
      • Any specific error messages
  • Let us know what hardware is involved. For example if you are on a pi-top [3] or [4], and if you are using any peripherals. This is especially relevant for hardware problems, but can also be an important factor for us to get to the bottom of software issues.
  • If the problem is something repeatable, providing a list of steps that demonstrate the problem is rally useful.
  • Sending diagnostic information along with your query gives our engineers a huge amount of information that might be relevant to the problem. To do this, please follow the guide here.