How to connect to a pi-top [4] via SSH

If you're using the default "pi" account, type > ssh pi@[ip-address] with default password "pi-top"

Connecting to a pi-top [4]’s command line remotely from another computer is simple, and a great choice when you do not need a full desktop environment, or the data transfer speed is slow over the network that you are using to connect to a pi-top (where it is not possible to use a pi-top Display Cable, which provides the fastest, most stable VNC connection).

Make sure that your Raspberry Pi is connected to a network that your other computer is also connected to. Then, use the pi-top [4] mini screen to access the Settings menu (press the circle button twice and scroll up/down), and make sure the checkbox next to the SSH option is checked:

Once it is enabled, use one of the networking status pages (Ethernet, Wi-Fi or VNC) to get the IP address of the pi-top [4] on the network. Use this to connect to the pi-top via an SSH client on your computer.

Click the appropriate link to be taken to SSH client instructions for your computer’s operating system from the list below: