pi-top [1] + pi-topCEED Hub fix

There's a new kernel update for the RasPi. It interrupts the communication between the hub and the RasPi

This article is for pi-top [1] and pi-topCEED users whose pi-top Hub is no longer communicating with the Raspberry Pi. This article is for you if you're having the following symptoms:

  • You can't see the battery icon
  • You shutdown your pi-top and the red light on the Raspberry Pi stays on
  • If you have a pi-top [1] then you can't see the battery icon.

Click on the link below to download the file. To install it on your pi-top [1] or pi-topCEED, simply download the file to the pi-top and double click to run. Follow the steps in the installation and reboot at the end! The entire fix takes less than 3 minutes.

Download the file from the link below

pi-top hub - Mk1 OS Fix