pi-top [3] Battery Replacement

Looking to replace the battery in your pi-top [3]? Here's some help

Following the disassembly steps will cause you to remove many of the Warranty Void Stickers placed within the device. Carrying out these steps will void your warranty.

Before performing any steps, read through the entirety of the instructions and watch the video above.

  1. Unplug the power lead from your pi-top
  2. Open the lid and slide out the keyboard
  3. Remove the cooling bridge screw and then remove the cooling bridge
  4. Remove the Raspberry Pi screws and then the Raspberry Pi
  5. Shutdown the battery of the pi-top
    1. Press and hold the power button until you see the red light on the hub
    2. Release the power button for one second
    3. Hold on the power button until you see the red light blink twice more and then stay solid for 3 seconds.
    4. Press and hold the power button for 1 second to make sure the battery is indeed shutdown.
  6. Unclip the keyboard fascia
    1. Start in the middle, below the screen and pull the fascia up. Move towards the corners and unclip the rest. You'll hear clicks for each one you remove
    2. Unclip the sides, again starting in the middle. Unclip the rest, moving towards the bottom of the device. Lift up the bottom corners of the fascia and gently pull each leg towards the trackpad. This will unclasp the top corners.
    3. Lift the fascia and hold it against the screen. The magnets in both will secure the fascia to the screen.
  7. Unscrew the keyboard. There are three screws on either side.
  8. Gently tilt the keyboard bringing the trackpad towards the screen. Careful of the keyboard cable.
  9. Remove the keyboard cable
    1. Lift the black bar of the keyboard connector up and away from its white body. This releases the keyboard cable.
    2. Remove the cable from its connector and put the keyboard to the side
  10. Remove the tape covering the battery connector
  11. Unscrew the battery from the base of the pi-top. There are three screws.
  12. Gently pull the connector out of the battery. Start from the bottom of the connector, but pull the connector up and away out of the battery. Do not bend the pins of the connector.
  13. Slide the battery forward to remove it from the clips and place your old battery to the side.
  14. Grab your new battery and slide it downwards under the clips. There are clips on the left, right and bottom edges.
  15. Connect the battery back to the pi-top.
  16. Screw the battery down using the same three screws.
  17. Put the tape back over the battery connector
  18. Bring the keyboard back and connect it to its cable. The cable should be hooked down into its connector. Remember to pull the black bar away from its white body before connecting the cable and push it back in to secure the cable.
  19. Lay the keyboard back down and secure it with all its 6 screws. You may need to do one screw on one side and then slide the keyboard up or down to meet the sliding rail on the other side.
  20. Re-attach the keyboard fascia
    1. Start in the top corners, by bending each leg inwards, towards the trackpad and pushing down in the corners to clip the fascia back into the base.
    2. Clip the bottom corners each first. Then work up towards the top corners on each leg, pushing the fascia down to the base.
    3. On the top edge, start at either corner and work towards the centre, under the pi-top logo.
  21. Reinsert the Raspberry Pi and screw it down.
  22. Reinsert the Cooling bridge and screw it down
  23. Replace the power cable. You should see the green charging light on the hub come on.
  24. Ta da!