The maker's Desktop! Technical Specifications on the pi-topCEED

The pi-topCEED was our second product and our first desktop. We understand that many of you are still using it these days. So here's all the information you'd need to get up and go!

Just like the original pi-top, the pi-topCEED Hub communicates with the Raspberry Pi via SPI and does this on SPI Port 0. This means that you should try and stay away from using GPIOs 9, 10, and 11. If you do try and use these for any lessons then you may find some issues and you'll be forced to reset your OS or reflash your SD Card. Head over to this section if you're unsure how to do that.

Technical Specification of pi-topCEED




Full HD (1920x1080) LCD Screen

Screen Size



6-bit colour (262k)

Power Supply

18VDC @ 3.0A (Max)

Add-on Rail

Add-on Rail for pi-top Accessories. Used for adding a PROTO board, Speaker or PROTO+.