pi-top Maker Architecture (PMA) Connector

The Foundation Plate and all the parts in the Foundation Kit are known as the pi-top Makers Architecture components.

pi-top Maker Architecture (PMA) Connector

The PMA Connector has many exciting things coming through it. Firstly it has all the Raspberry Pis GPIOs from the 40pin connector, as well as the Camera and Display Serial Interfaces. It also has all the power rails you may need for your individual projects. You can find the full list of specifications and details about all the pins and connector at the bottom of the page.

It’s a 100 pin connector (50x2) with a 0.80 mm pitch. The manufacturer is Amphenol and the recpt part number is 10144517-10XXXXXX while the plug part number is 10144518-10XXXXXX. The Plug is mounted inside the pi-top [4] but all our plates use the receptacle.PMA_annotations-split_2019-03-03-01


Power Pins
Name Function Voltage (Volts) Max Current (Amps) Descriptions
VSYS_OUT Power Out 6.4 - 8, 12, 15 3 Outputs System Voltage. If using Battery power then 6.4 - 8.4Volts. If using USB-C Power 12 or 15 Volts. Max output is 3A. Fuse protected
MPWR_IN Power In 9 - 14 3 Input to System Voltage. Lower priority to USB-C PSU. Higher priority to battery power. Can be used to charge battery pack. Fuse Protected
5V_USB Power Out 5 0.6 Direct from Raspberry Pi USB Port
5V_PRST Power Out 5 0.75 Available when device is powered off. Turns off when battery power dips below 5%. Fuse protected
5V Power Out 5 3.5 Shares same source as 5V from 40pin connector and pogo pins but separate to 5V supplied to Raspberry Pi. Fuse protected
3V3_PRST Power Out 3.3 0.15 Available when device is powered off. Turns off when battery power dips below 5%. Fuse Protected
3V3 Power Out 3.3 1.5 Shares same source as 3V3 from 40pin connector. Fuse protected
Data Pins
Name Function Description
GPIO_XX I/O GPIOs tied directly to Raspberry Pi. ESD Protected. Direct connection between the 40pin connector and the PMA Connector
MCU_RESET Input External Reset to pi-topHub MCU. (Connect to GND to reset)
MCU_SWDIO I/O MCU Serial Wire Data Input/Output
MCU_SWCLK I/O MCU Serial Data Clock
PWR_SW Input Tied to device power switch. High to turn on. Logic High @ 2.2V
USB_DX Data USB data pair from USB-Hub Controller on pi-top Hub
DSI_XX Data Display Serial Interface from Raspberry Pi
CSI_XX Data Camera Serial Interface from Raspberry Pi

MIPI I2C from Camera/Display Serial Interface from Raspberry Pi