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Returns and Repairs

Looking to return your products?


Customers are allowed to return their products within 30 days of delivery of the product (not the day they made their purchase nor the day they opened the box). After this 30 day period, customers are not allowed to return their units for the full retail value. 

If you're looking to return, repair or have parts replaced under warranty, then keep your proof of purchase nearby.

Warranty is 2 years for customers in the EU, Australia, New Zealand and 1 year for the United States and Canada.


Customers wishing to return their products for a full refund must return all the individual items included in their delivery.

Warranty is only offered to products sold from an approved reseller. Third-party sales from 

Customers that cannot produce proof of purchase are to be treated as if their product is out of the warranty period. 

Wear and tear of moving parts are not covered under warranty