Screen Troubleshooting Guide

How to quickly resolve common screen issues on your pi-top [3] such as flickering, screen freeze, random shutdowns, and boot-up sequence.

Here are some of the checks you can make. 

  • Check the pi-top [3] Power Supply Unit is fully inserted and the green LED is lit on the back of the unit. 
  • A green LED lit on the Hub will confirm power is going through.
  • Ensure your pi-top [3] has been charged for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • You have the lastest pi-top OS installed on your microSD card.
  • Check your pi-top [3] has been built correctly. 


There are a few more checks you can make but only when the pi-top [3] is completely powered off.

  • The Raspberry Pi has been inserted correctly with a good connection into the USB ports.
  • The Cooling Bridge has the correct Thermal Pad affixed to the Heatsink.
  • The Cooling Bridge has a good connection with the Raspberry Pi pins and clicks into place on the Hub.
  • Check the Cooling Bridge screw is not over tightened.