Keyboard & Trackpad

Checks you can do on your pi-top [3] when your keyboard or trackpad becomes unresponsive.

If your pi-top [3] keyboard or trackpad becomes unresponsive, ensure you have the latest pi-top OS installed on your microSD card. If you're connected to the internet, your pi-top will prompt you for any available updates. You can preview the updates and upgrade straightaway.


You can also check the getting started guide to ensure you have correctly built your pi-top [3], in particular:

  • The Raspberry Pi has a good connection with the USB ports in the back of the pi-top [3].
  • You have the correct Thermal Pad on the Heatsink of the Cooling Bridge depending on which version Raspberry Pi you're using.
  • The Hub audio jack and Hub USB has a secure connection into the Raspberry Pi.
  • The Cooling Bridge has a good connection with the Hub and the Raspberry Pi pins.
  • The Cooling Bridge screw is not over tightened.