pi-topOS 64-bit

Try out the 64-bit version of pi-topOS!

Note that this is still an experimental release and we still recommend you to use the regular 32-bit pi-topOS.

A 64-bit OS is intended to make better use of the power and features of a 64-bit CPU and from devices with more than 4GB of RAM. This version of pi-topOS has the same set of packages as the regular pi-topOS but compiled and packaged to make better use of the pi-top features.

You can also install pi-top software in Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit; learn how to in this page. 

Using pi-topOS 64-bit

The experience using the 64-bit OS will be pretty much the same as the regular 32-bit version of pi-topOS with a performance boost provided by using 64-bit instructions. This means that all the guides and instructions you'll find in this Knowledge Base also apply to this OS.

Please note that there might be applications that are not available in a 64-bit version and they can't be installed in this OS.


The OS can be downloaded using this link. Instructions on how to burn the downloaded image into a SD card can be found here.