Managing your order

Want to cancel, track or add to your order? Here's how

Where/when do I get my tracking information?

When you have completed your purchase for your item(s), you will receive an email with your tracking information once the product has been shipped. This could take up to 1 working day. 

How do I track my shipment with the tracking number?

When you have your tracking number, visit the website of the courier that is delivering your parcel and go to "track my parcel". For customers using our US store, we generally use UPS. For customers using our UK store, we generally use DHL.

What if I never received my tracking number?

If you never received a tracking number then please contact our Support Team here by filling out the form or send us an email to

Adding items to your order

If you would like to add more items along with a previous purchase, contact our Support Team. If the first purchase hasn't been shipped off yet then we can dispatch both deliveries together. This may only work if you contact the Support Team within 12 hours of the initial purchase.

Cancelling your order

To cancel your order, please contact our Support Team at as soon as you can. For more details, please visit our article on cancelling orders here.