How to get your hardware working on your pi-top [3]

Simple checks you can make so your pi-top [3] works with supported devices such as the pi-top Speaker.

Always ensure you have the latest pi-top Operating System installed on your microSD card. If you're connected to the internet, your pi-top will prompt you for any available updates. You can preview the updates and upgrade straightaway.


  • Connect your pi-top [3] device such as your pi-top Speaker into the Hub ensuring the pins are correctly aligned.
  • Open the terminal page by selecting the terminal icon on the taskbar or via the main menu under Accessories

Enter the following command into the terminal to detect the device:



If your device has not been detected, check you have inserted the pins correctly into the Hub and then run the following command within the terminal to install any updates.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y pt-devices
sudo apt upgrade -y

This command will only take a few moments to ensure ALL libraries are fully installed and up-to-date on your pi-top.