Connecting through Bluetooth (April 2024)

One of the many ways to connect your pi-top[4] to Further is through Bluetooth! This is the easiest method when it comes to connecting to the device & running code. 
Try it out in our new tutorial: Connecting Through Bluetooth
Or review the instructions in our knowledge base:   Connect and Run Code from Further using Bluetooth
As this functionality is in the beta phase, please note the following.
  • Your pi-top must be up-to-date to enable bluetooth connections. If you have trouble visit the knowledge base for more instruction.
  • The Bluetooth feature is only supported in Chrome and Chromium web browsers.
  • A few advanced features, like sending video to the pi-top mini screen will not work at an optimal level when using Bluetooth.
  • The pi-top[4] Bluetooth connection is currently in a testing (beta) phase so you may encounter issues. Please provide feedback by email to