Updating your Operating System

Your pi-top OS can now be updated remotely without the need to remove your microSD card.

There's a new notification system on pi-top Sirius. As long as you're connected to the internet, your pi-top will prompt you to perform any updates to ensure you have all the latest features and minor bugs fixed. You also have the option to view delay the update to the next day!

If you accidentally cancel the updates and don't want to wait til the next day, then you can now search for updates yourself. If you want to manually run an update, then go to the Menu, System Tools and then click Check for Updates and it will do the same thing as the notification.


Be careful about interrupting the updates or exiting the update service in the middle of updates as this will cause problems.

Most problems can be solved by reflashing the SD Card to the last OS Image you have. Be careful because it will mean that you lose your files and will have to reinstall any software you had installed before. Remember to back up your files to a USB stick/Flash Drive or some other external storage.