Using the pi-top [4] USB Cable

Introducing the new pi-top USB Cable and how it works!

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The pi-top USB cable comes as part of newer pi-top[4] kits, replacing the green Display Cable. If you prefer a wired connection you can use it to connect to your pi-top [4] for setting up, running code from Further, using VNC and more!

The pi-top USB cable has a USB-A connector on one end, and something similar to a USB-C connector on the other end, though it isn't quite the same. The USB-C end of the cable has a little groove in it which must be aligned correctly with the notch on the green-shrouded port on the pi-top[4].


To use this cable to connect to your pi-top[4], insert the USB-A end into your laptop or computer, and insert the other end into the green-shrouded port on your pi-top[4]. This will create a network between your pi-top and computer, allowing you to access the pi-top at the IP address This IP address should be shown on your pi-top[4] Miniscreen to confirm a successful connection.


If this method does not work you may need to install additional Windows drivers using this guide.