How do I give premium content access to members of my School?

Learn how your school's licenses are used to give members access to premium content.

Quick Start Guide

Further - Assigning Content Access

When do I have to grant content access to members of my School?

Some of the best content on Further is 'premium', meaning you need a license to use it. Premium content is grouped into access areas called realms, such as 'pi-top' and 'makerbot'.

If your school has a building license to the content then all members automatically have access and you do not need to assign it to members directly.

If your school's license has a limited number of seats then you will need to assign the content access it provides to particular members.

If students are already assigned content that they do not have access warnings will be shown on the school roster page: 

What do I need to do first?

Sign up: You must sign up or log in to access the pages mentioned in this article.

Create your School: You must have created a school to add students to, learn how to from this article: How do I create my School?

Add a license: Your school must have a license with some content access: How do I add a License to my School?

How do I grant content access to School members?

With a building license: If your school has a building license then all member automatically have the content access it grants and you don't need to do any more.

Grant access via the school roster:

  1. Choose the school the member belongs to:
  2. Find those who need access and check the box by their name(s):
  3. Click on the Actions button and select Grant Content Access:
  4. Choose the content to grant access to:
  5. Click the Confirm button:

What to do next?

Now that your students have access to content you can complete setting up the classes. If you are ready for your students to get started they just need to log in and find the Classes on the Dashboard.