How do I give premium content access to members of my School?

Learn how your school members gain access to premium content.

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Further - Assigning Content Access

When do I have to grant content access to members of my School?

To access 'premium' content on Further you need a license for it. Premium content is grouped by content provider, such as 'pi-top' or 'makerbot'. Licenses grant access to a particular content provider.

You can see what licenses your school has under the Licenses tab on the School Page. If your school has "Unlimited" seats for a content provider you have building license for that provider. If your school has a limited number of seats for a provider you have a seated license for that provider.

If your school has a building license for a content provider then all school members automatically have access to that content.

If your school has a seated license then you will need to give school members access manually. See below for information on how to do that.

If you are unsure what kind of license your school follow the instructions in the How do I grant content access section. You will be given the information you need while following those instructions.

How do I grant content access?

  1. Choose the school the member belongs to:
  2. Find those who need access and check the box by their name(s):
  3. Click on the Actions button and select Grant Content Access:
  4. Choose the content the member needs access to:
  5. Click the Confirm button:

What if my school doesn't have enough seats?

Add a license: Your school must have a license with some content access: How do I add a License to my School?

How do I know which members need access?

If a school member is in a class that contains premium content they do not have access to, there will be a warning in the school roster table. The school roster table can be found on the School Page, under the Roster tab. The warning will be in the "Content Access" column for the member that needs access.

For example in the image below the member named 'Student Without Access' needs to be granted access to the 'makerbot' provider:

What to do next?

Now that your students have access to content you can complete setting up the classes. If you are ready for your students to get started they just need to log in and find the Classes on the Dashboard.