How do I add lessons to my Class?

Learn how to add lessons to your class, allowing your students to find and access the work they need to do in Further.

Why should I add lessons to my class?

Help students access their work easily: When you add lessons to your Class any students that are part of the class will be able to find the lesson through their dashboard.

Help students work in groups: When your students start a lesson they can choose who else they are working with in the class, making working in groups much easier.

Track student progress: You can easily see how your students are progressing through each lesson in your class from the Class overview tab.

Grade their work: When your students complete lessons you are able to grade their work inside Further.

What do I need to do first?

Login as a Teacher: You must be logged in as a Teacher.

Add classes to your School: You must have added classes to your school to add students to your Class: How do I add classes to my School?

Where do I add lessons to my class?

You can add lessons to your class from the Library tab

Finding lessons for your Class

The library has two types of content to add to your class: Courses and Challenges; Courses are an ordered collection of Challenges, and Challenges are lessons designed to be done in approximately a single class session. Courses are represented by the full width banners and Challenges are represented by cards.

There are a number of ways to find lessons to teach in your class.

  • Search Courses and Challenges by title: By clicking the magnifying class icon in the top left of the page you can search titles by text.

  • Filter by tag: You can also filter the Courses and Challenges by clicking the filter icon next to the search icon and picking from a pre-selected list of tags, you are able to pick multiple tags at once.

  • Scope & Sequence and Standards Alignment: Courses also have files that outline the Scope & Sequence and Standards Alignment of the course, valuable resources that can help decide if a course will be sufficient for your class.

  • View other libraries: You can view the content Library from our partners by clicking the dropdown in the top left of the page, this is a great place to discover other great hardware to teach with Further!

How do I try a lesson?

Trying a Course: You can open a Course by clicking the View button or the title, this will open the Course page. In the Course page you will see a list of Challenges if you scroll down, click the title of the top left card in the list to start from the beginning.


Why is it saying I need premium access when I open a Course?

To access a premium Course you must have activated your license for the content you are trying to access. We have an article that helps with activating your license:

How do I add a license to my School?

If you have already added your license to your school, you may need to grant yourself access to the premium content. We also have an article if you'd like to learn more:

How do I give premium content access to members of my School?

Trying a Challenge:
You can also try an individual Challenge from the Library tab by clicking on the card title.

Add Courses to your Class

Add to Class from the Library tab: You can add Courses straight from the Library tab by clicking the Add to Class button found in the bottom right of a Course banner.

Add to Class from the Course Page: You can also add a Course to your Class from the Course page by clicking the Add to Class button found in the top right of the page. You can get to the Course page by clicking a Course name.

Choose a Class to add to: Clicking the "Add to Class" button from either place will open a dialog. The dialog will load the classes you are a teacher of, you can then click the Class you want to add the Course to and press the "Add" button at the bottom of the dialog.

After you add a Course to your Class you will be taken to the Class page, all the Challenges in the Course will have been added to the end of the list of Assignments your Class has. You can view progress on the assignments on the Overview tab and reorder the order of assignments on the Assignments tab.

Add Individual Challenges to your Class

You can also add individual Challenges to your Class from the Challenge page, this is the page where you complete the Challenge that we opened in the How do I try a lesson? section of this article.

Add to Class on the Challenge page: The "Add to Class" button can be found in the options menu at the top right of the page

What to do next?

Now that your Class has assignments for your students to do you may want to add students to your class so they can access the assignments: How do I add students to my Class?