Connecting with VNC

To control your pi-top [4] via another computer such as a MacBook, PC or Chromebook, you need to use VNC (virtual network computing).

VNC is a nifty little tool that allows you to control your pi-top[4] from another computer. Unlike SSH, VNC allows access to the entire OS. This means that you can create programs and play with your hardware from your regular computer with a single cable. To do this, you'll need the pi-top Display Cable and the USB Adapter and you'll need to download RealVNC.

Download Real VNC:uploaded

You'll have to connect the pi-top Display Cable to the Display Port on the pi-top[4] and attach the USB Adapter onto the Display Cable and plug that into your machine. This allows your computer to connect to the USB On-The-Go port of the Raspberry Pi 4. You should see the USB Device appear on your computer as RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget. Once this has happened you can open up VNC Viewer and type in the IP Address. 

USB OTG IP Address:

You'll get this little window coming up to tell you to type in the username and password. The username is pi while the password is pi-top

Et voilà! You're in! You'll see some controls at the top of the window for ending the session, making the window full screen or even transferring files between your pi-top[4] and your computer! You can do literally everything you could do by being connected directly to your pi-top [4].

It's also possible to VNC using the Ethernet port of your pi-top [4] or if your pi-top [4] is connected to the same WiFi network as your computer then you can VNC through there too! Just flip through the menu items of your pi-top [4] Mini Screen until you see the IP Address off of your pi-top [4] and then type it into VNC and follow the same steps again.

Please refer to our getting started guide for more information on connecting with VNC.