How do I get setup to teach with Further

Learn how to get started on Further as a teacher or school administrator

Are you an existing Further user?

We have an article on how to move your existing license and Classes into a School: How do I use Schools with Existing Classes? 

Further is an online learning platform created by pi-top which focuses on interactive project-based activities. Teachers using Further are able to view the progress of their students through the courses, give grades and feedback and even create customised activities and quizzes.

Teaching functionality in Further is organised through a school entity, under which you manage your license, teacher and student roster, classes and assignments.

In the guides below we explain how, and why, to set up your school, through to reviewing student work and the student experience on Further.

If you feel there is more you need to know or would just like another way to learn about Further, we also have a Professional Development Course within the platform and of course you can always speak to our support team.

Start here: Set up your School

Start with the first guide 'How do I create my School?' and follow on from there as you get set-up, either following the next steps at the bottom of each article or by returning here to find what you need.

How do I create my School?

Once you have a school you should activate a license as that enable you to complete the other steps and get teaching.

How do I add a License to my School?

Next steps: Setting up your classes

You can do these in an order although if you use Google Classroom or Clever we recommend adding classes through those first as that will simplify adding students to your school.

How do I add Classes to my School?

How do I add students to my School?

How do I give my Students access to Premium content?

Coming soon: Understanding your Further License

Get Teaching

Once you have a Class set up you can plan out your lessons and get your students started.

How do I add lessons to my Class?

How do I add students to my Class?

Coming soon: How will my students use Further?

Coming soon: How to I track and grade my Student's work?